ShareTweetEmail0shares Dr Peterside, Ex- NIMASA DG   The immediate past Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr  Dakuku Peterside has... COVID -19:Ex- NIMASA DG Says  Gov Wike’s Demolition of 2 Hotels Is Wicked, Unlawful

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Dr Peterside, Ex- NIMASA DG


The immediate past Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr  Dakuku Peterside has criticized, in no mean words, Sunday’s demolition of two hotels in Rivers State, by Governor Wike, over alleged violation of an Executive Order.

He said in his reaction on Sunday, on the development , that  Wike has left no one in doubt as to his lack of concrete pursuit of how to fight Coronavirus ,with solid policies and programmes, but has rather resorted to brute force, a show of strength and muscle-flexing with imaginary enemies.

Peterside, who said he had long observed the dictatorial tendencies of Wike, declared that the latest action of the governor ,was wicked, insensitive, irresponsible and unlawful.

The ex -NIMASA boss stated that while all the indigenes of Rivers State  support the governor to ensure that the state is free from coronavirus, he pointed out that  the Governor’s  transformation into a dictator and a god that must be worshipped will be challenged by all well-meaning Rivers people and Nigerians at the appropriate time.

He declared that Governor Wike must change from this destructive path and follow that of responsible leadership that has a human face and not one that will turn him to a demi-god that must be offered sacrifices to assuage his anger, vengeance and greed.

Accorrding to him, “Last week, the governor made two broadcasts, where Rivers people expected him to lay out well-determined plans of how to ensure mass testing following the inauguration of molecular laboratories in UPTH and RSUTH with achievable timelines, while also strengthening other areas.

“However, no such thing was heard from the governor but threats upon threats as to how he would dethrone traditional rulers, how he will sack local government chairmen, how he will summarily arrest violators of the executive order and punish them, how he will auction their vehicles, amongst other threats. Governor Wike is not a law unto himself and cannot be the law.

Peterside said , for  good measure, the governor rounded off by saying he would demolish buildings or hotels found wanting in implementing his orders, without recourse to the due process of law and natural justice, that confers the right of fair hearing on the accused.

“Governor Wike’s utterances do not suggest that he is fighting the coronavirus pandemic alone. His actions suggest that there is more than what he is telling Rivers people. He has become a dictator whose words must be obeyed or be damned,” he said.

Peterside explained that the governor’s fascist attitude was capable of leading to the breakdown of law and order, as those who bear the crude method of the governor and their families could resort to mass protest, capable of exposing the state further.

He said this crude method of governance and law enforcement is obsolete, counterproductive and will put Rivers State and her people in bad light before the right-thinking members of society.

Peterside who lost the Governorship seat  to Wike in 2015 and did not get a chance to contest in 2019. is believed to  still be eying ,  the number one  seat of the state.

Currently , Rivers State has 17 cases of COVID 19, with two people dead and two treated and discharged from the intensive care unit (ICU).