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By Shola Fadeyi

acg wale

ACG Wale Adeniyi, Commandant, Nigerian Customs Command & Staff College , Gwagwalada, Abuja.


These days , the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), has  come to epitomize  a Federal Government security agency, which parades   highly educated , well cultured and knowledgeable bunch of personnel,  due  to the international nature of its calling , which has dictated its mode of recruitment , and particularly, its focus on constant capacity building .


This is why , it is now common place to have many young, and not too old officers, distinguishing themselves in positions of responsibilities, in the Service ,and even  exhibiting rare talents   when in competition among themselves, and with their counterparts in other security agencies and government outfits.

One of such officers , who albeit through professionalism,  hard work ,innovation, commitment , focus , strength of purpose and the ability to think out of the box  , has  now risen ,even past the highest  professional  position  in the Customs- Controllership, and is now occupying a more  exulted  management   post,  is the , Assistant Comptroller General (ACG)  of Customs  Wale Adeniyi.


Adeniyi was promoted to that position in February , 2019  just about two weeks , after , as the Controller of the Murtala Muhammed  International Airport(MMIA) ,  he led his team to make  an unprecedented seizure of  $8.07 million, over three billion naira , at the tarmac of the Airport ,  thus demonstrating ,industry , patriotism  and sincerity of purpose.

Consequently,by virtue of  that his singular but combined effort , achieved through effective use of intelligence together with his team  he’s   now the Commandant of the Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College, Gwagwalada in Abuja, where he was the Deputy Commandant , before he emerged as the Controller of the MMIA , Ikeja , Lagos.


While the dollar seizure , he made could be said to have accelerated his ascendancy to the position of an ACG , and  beyond the fact that his new post is  well deserved , he actually has always  merited ,whatever incentives in terms of promotion among others  which  have come his way and the fresh ones that are expected.

This is because , he has made all his years in the Customs to count, based on the  myriads of achievements he has recorded and the positive  impact he has made in the lives of the younger officers in terms of  inculcating in them,  the art of professionalism discipline , knowledge  and the virtue of commitment to the tenets of the Service.


He has  been  an exceptional officer , a role model ,  a man with knowledge , wisdom, a workaholic, a communicator, commentator , teacher , an  Inspiration,   , instructor , trailblazer ,  leader, one who utilizes humour to  achieve positive purpose  ,  a professional to the core ,an originator as well as an achiever.

In those days , Adeniyi , also a sport  enthusiast ,  was a constant face as a commentator in most of the venues of  Customs and Para Military Services games held in the country, where he ran proceedings more like a professional  commentator.


ACG Adeniyi  has also taken time to develop himself  on the job , apart from the series of trainings and seminars on all aspects of customs  within and outside the country, which he has attended,  he has Masters in Communications, Public Relations among other areas , and his antecedents in these areas have been a  added value to his work.

The ACG has been an asset to the Customs , more or less, a’ Jack of all trade and Master of all’.While all along he has been synonymous with  the Public Relations  in Customs, he has also been very knowledgeable in tariff and classification issues as well  as equipped in the art of international Diplomacy .

International Exposure

This  and many more have made it possible for him to represent the Customs  within and outside the country in seminars , symposia  and delivered lectures on Customs and international trade matters at the  events organised by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) , World Trade Organisation(WTO) among others of such by similar relevant  global bodies.


In fact , Adeniyi has been  synonymous with Public Relations, Communications and Information dissemination , by virtue of his  being the National  Public Relations Officer(PRO)  or Image Maker of the Customs  for  so many years.

ACG  Adeniyi as Customs PRO was   responsible for mentoring practically all officers who have been Public Relations Officers in Commands and Zones of the Customs, including the current ones , those in the Headquarters of the Service and the present National PRO while , they have all had good stories to tell about him.

He has   never been just a customs officer , but rather a very innovative one, right from his years in the Service , when he was a Deputy Public Relations Officer in those days of Yore  at the Tin Can Customs , Lagos , where Abubakar Malam , the former  DCG of Customs ,  held sway then as the Controller(Comptroller )  of the Command..


Little wonder , the commendable  character traits , which Malam saw then,  in that very young but focused young officer based on the very diligent manner he carried out all the assignments given to him among other factors, made him to recommend Adeniyi  to   Major General SOG Ango who emerged  then as the  Comptroller General of Customs ,and who was in dire need of a National PRO.

Thus  the  very professional , unique and confident  manner , in which Adeniyi comported himself and represented  the Customs , within and outside the country made him to  bestrode the PR Unit of the Service, like  a colossus  as the face , eyes and nose of that government agency for those   years , during which he unprecedentedly , ended up serving not less than  one military man, and six civilians who were at different times, the Customs Comptroller General.

Record  has it that apart from Major General SOG Ango, ,Adeniyi was also PRO under CG  Mustapha, Ogungbemile, Buba Jang, Dr Ewudialor, Ahmed Kajoli  and lastly  Alhaji Abdullahi Dikko.


Consequently, when the history of Public Relations in Customs is written , it would definitely be incomplete  without the name and inputs of ACG Wale Adeniyi,  for the professionalism he brought to the Unit and for using it to adequately  protect the image of the officers and the Service .

For the fact that  he has always distinguished  himself in all the areas of the Customs , where he has served , it is thus not a surprise that just six months after he became the Controller of the MMIA , he intercepted  the cash sealed in 20 wraps in six bags on the very day the consignment was supposed to be moved out of the country.


ACG Adeniyi has indeed proved that he ‘s not only a child of destiny , as he has  by that single seizure of the dollars ,  attracted more of the attention of the Customs CG, Hameed Ali (rtd), the national Assembly and the Presidency to himself in a very positive manner , particularly with the comprehensive publicity which followed the incident.

However since he’s one who will continue to be his natural very hard working  self , more so , that he’s now  occupying an enviable position, time will tell as it concerns fresh responsibilities required of him in the Customs , as avenues to further contribute to the development of Nigeria’s  economy.