ShareTweetEmail0shares Comptroller Nike Oladunni, Controller, KLT Customs Command   The total Import duty collected by the Kirikiri Lighter Terminal (KLT) Command of the Nigerian... Revenue Collection at KLT Customs Rises 70.3%  ,Despite Covid-19, other Challenges

comptroller Nike Oladunni

Comptroller Nike Oladunni, Controller, KLT Customs Command


The total Import duty collected by the Kirikiri Lighter Terminal (KLT) Command of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)  in the first half of this year, rose by 70.3 per cent, compared to the level in the corresponding period of 2019.

Statistics collated by the Marineandeconomy  at the Command, showed that it recorded  ₦10,203,596,435, as import duty during the period, compared to  ₦5,992,057,770  it realized between January and June last   year.

To lend credence to the efficiency of the Command , a breakdown of the revenue it  collected, showed that it did not only  surpass the total   import duty it recorded  for the period, compared to the level for last year , but it  also exceeded it on a monthly basis.

For instance, it generated N1,905,002,676  in January 2020, as against  N869,214,087 in the same period of 2019;N2,080,594,147 in February compared to N722,559,118 in the corresponding month of last year; N1,839,527,595 in March 2020  as against  N1,149,622,896 in the same month of 2019.

Also in April this year, it recorded  N1,161,126,635    compared to N1,127,419,235 in April 2019; N1,435,837,411 in May, over N1,128,052,821 in the corresponding month of last year, and N1,781,507,971 in June, as against  N995,189,613    in the same month of 2019.

Investigations showed that the Command was able to perform the feat, despite the negative effect of the raging deadly coronavirus pandemic as well as the traffic congestion on the Oshodi Mile 2 Apapa Expressway to which the Access roads to the Command , which are also in a poor state are linked. Though, the expressway has been under repair by the Federal Government , but  is still inaccessible, due to its blockage by  articulated vehicles.

It was also able to boost its revenue collection markedly,despite that the outbreak of the Covid- 19  reduced  the number of containers imported into the Lagos Ports during the period, and as such a decline in the level of  imports stemmed and transferred to the KLT, while the disease also  led to the drop in the clearing of goods, due to cash crunch on the part of importers .

It was however gathered that the Command was able to rise above the  various challenges which confronted it during the period, and  increased its revenue generation , through ensuring that it blocked all leakages , and  thus collected all the requisite import duty  due to the Federal Government from the containers at its disposal.

Some importers and customs agents said  that the experience and the managerial capability of the Controller,Comptroller Nike Oladunni  coupled with her level of training  and discipline ,which she inculcated in the officers and made them to be more effective and  committed to revenue generation, also informed  the Command’s performance during the period.

They said , the  fact that the Controller, has a culture of open- door- policy ,which she has been using effectively  to resolve stakeholders issues, relating to goods clearing at the Terminal ,as well as  her cordial  interpersonal relationship  ,  particularly with  the importers and the customs agents including controllers of other Commands, made it possible for the KLT  operations to receive marked  patronage .

It was learnt that the Command’s effective use of the Nigerian  Integrated Customs Information System (NICIS) II ,  its ensuring that the requisite revenue was collected on the available imports in its custody, as well as the  constant meetings  which the Controller  has been having with the importers and customs agents , went a  long way to increasing their  compliance and boosting  revenue Collection.

Marineandeconomy understood that the commitment that has been  demonstrated by the officers of the Command   in the area of revenue collection , made it possible for the Comptroller General of the Customs, Colonel Hameed Ali(rtd)  to include 24 officers among those who were promoted by the Service and decorated recently.