FEATURE STORY   Comptroller Kayode Olusemire made appreciable impact in the areas of anti- smuggling , recovery of government revenues and protection of Nigeria’s... Values Comptroller Olusemire Bequeathed to Customs FOU Zone C In Owerri



Comptroller Kayode Olusemire made appreciable impact in the areas of anti- smuggling , recovery of government revenues and protection of Nigeria’s economy from importation of. dangerous goods , arms and ammunitions for the period he was the Controller of the Nigerian Customs Service(NCS) Federal Operations Unit(FOU) , Zone C, Owerri , Imo State, says SHOLA FADEYI, Publisher , Marine&economy  in this write-up.



Comptr Olusemire

Comptroller Kayode Olusemire.


The immediate past  Controller of the Nigerian Customs Service(NCS) , Federal Operations Unit(FOU} Zone ‘ C’ with headquarter in Owerri Imo State , Comptroller Kayode Olusemire impounded assorted  goods  worth  billions of naira in duty paid value(DPV) , recovered revenue worth hundreds of millions of naira as well as seized thousands of arms and ammunitions for two  years and eight months , he headed the zone.


Consequently, the Comptroller in achieving the feat succeeded at bequeathing the values of hard work,  patriotism , selflessness, commitment  and doggedness to the officers and the operations of the Unit by the time he was transferred from the Zone to handle fresh responsibility.


He is widely believed to have fought the dare devil smugglers in the FOU, Zone C which comprises the South Eastern and South South part of Nigeria hands down by the time he was redeployed from there as the Controller  , in November 2020, to handle new responsibility. In fact ,it is widely believed that the history of anti-smuggling in Nigeria  would be uncompleted , without mentioning his name due to his huge contributions in this area.


For instance , investigations showed that a total of 90 seizures of various contrabands  with DPV of N1,218,443,660 were recorded by operatives  of the Unit  through effective anti-smuggling operations  between January  and September 2020 , before the redeployment of Olusemire in November.

General goods/ Rice / Vehicles

The seizures however included 5,880 foreign parboiled rice ,with N262,424,000  DPV, 9,943 cartons on Palmolien, foreign vegetable oil of N263, 052, 660 DPV AND 3,122 pieces of pump action catridges of live ammunitions worth N1,873,000, 912 bales  of second hand clothing  of N103,194,000  DPV  , 711 cartons of footwears of N14,931,000 DPV , 7,559 pieces of used tyres  of ,N108,849,600  .

Others were 41 Units of vehicles including armoured vehicles  with a DPV of N384,757, 670   and 348 bags  of children boxes  worth N8,988,840 in  DPV as well as  3X40  ft , 5x20ft  containers  of  non alcoholic drinks , medicaments  and other general merchandise  worth N126,376,890 in DPV.


The Comptroller Olusemire led Unit during the period also recovered  a total of N77,002,390 into the Federation Account through the issuance of Debit Note(DN)  on detention of goods found wanting  of the trade laws.

Also statistics available showed that  between January and August 2019,  the Comptroller Olusemire  led officers of the Unit  recorded seizures of contrabands of over  N2.501.6 billion in  DPV  and N49 million recoveries .


The contrabands were  made up of  3,356 bags of rice  used tyres , bales of second hand clothings,50 assorted cars,200 bales of used clothings, used shoes and used bags,609 pieces of used tyres, 580 cartons of medicaments  and various containers of furniture, 16 exotic cars , including  armoured land cruiser, rice and other  illegal goods .

Protection of Economy

The Unit also impounded N46m worth of two sets of home furniture, loaded in Volvo trucks as well as  seized  4,375 rounds of ammunitions and military camouflage   neatly conceived to deceive security operatives, and thus underscoring the efforts it made to ensure that such weapons which were contrabands did not enter into the Nigeria’s economy .

Revenue Generation

Also , late 2019, his Unit generated a total of N591million as Duty Paid Value(DPV)  on 22 seized vehicles, including eight bullet proof exotic cars and 1,901 bags of contraband rice, impounded  1,920 bags of 50 kgs  of smuggled rice  , drugs,used clothings among others , worth N492 million in October 2019.This is apart from the various seizures it made in 2018 .

However beyond his own capability and strategies, the tremendous success which Comptroller Olusemire  recorded was  partly due to the adequate logistics support from the Comptroller General of Customs , Colonel Hameed Ali (rtd)  and the commitment of his officers.



While on that assignment , he relied heavily on his ability  to  bond with people, he  created synergy and understanding with the Obis ,  Chiefs and other title holders, through his programme of enlightenment on the dangers of smuggling and used them as opinion leaders , in his  Unit’s area of operations for the purpose of the fight against smuggling in their domains.

Arrests/ Prosecution

What made Comptroller Olusemire ‘s  anti smuggling  battle at  FOU, Zone ‘C’   unique  was   that it  mostly led to the arrest of culprits  or suspects , in the form of  smugglers , drivers of vehicles that were used to smuggle items  among others and as such, their prosecution , a situation which went a long way  to serve as deterrent to others.

Intelligence/  Information Gathering

Thus the success he achieved at FOU Zone ’ C’  was a product of  his doggedness,   hard work, adequate planning , collaboration with other security agencies , reliance on intelligence , information and the support of committed personnel.


Olusemire , undoubtedly put to use , his wealth of experience in anti- smuggling , his capability as a manager of men and materials , commitment , hardwork and patriotism – the love of customs and country to use at ensuring that he recorded tremendous achievements at his assignment and these attributes are part of the legacy he left behind for officers to use to carry on the fight against smugglers.


He also acted as an educator as he   continued to appeal to Nigerians to be compliant in the payment  of duties  for their imported goods, whether they are luxuries , like exotic cars or those that fall in the essential basket of needs, while they should cease to import illegal goods or contraband.


Comptroller Olusemire , who was deployed to the FOU , Zone’ C’ in August 2018  sequel to the exploits he made in the Katsina – Kaduna Command actually made it a duty to warn  the smugglers operating in the zone that they would be nabbed , if they do not desist . Little wonder that his fear marks the beginning of wisdom for the smugglers and dubious importers for the period , he was there as he made good all his threats.


Thus for the feat he performed in the Command , before he exited, undoubtedly, his wealth of experience  would continue to make him an asset to the Nigerian Customs Service(NCS) in the areas of the battle against smuggling , recoveries of government revenue and the the implementation of the fiscal policies of the government , among others.