By Shola Fadeyi Strong indications have emerged, that the Tin Can Port Manager, Ibrahim Yunusa Anji , is succeeding at making the Port Access... How Port Manager, Anji  Rid   Tin Can Port Access Road of Gridlock

By Shola Fadeyi

Strong indications have emerged, that the Tin Can Port Manager, Ibrahim Yunusa Anji , is succeeding at making the Port Access road, traffic free, through some new strategies, he has put in place.

Investigation by the Marine and Economy showed that the access road which has always been characterized by gridlock most of the time, is now always free due to the novel arrangements that has been put in place by the relatively new Port management.

It will be recalled that the Port Manager, was transferred to the Tin Can Port ,from the Port Harcourt Port in November 2020, to enable him use his wealth of experience to enhance the efficiency of the Tin Can Port.

It was gathered that Anji decided to take the access road as a priority, due to the fact that it serves as an entry and exit to the Port, and for a reason that it was always congested before his assumption of office.

Consequently, the first step he took to achieve his purpose in this direction was to sensitize the Port security personnel, while he created a very good relationship with the Police personnel , serving at the Port to enable them focus more attention at ensuring that the traffic on the access road is adequately controlled.

Having studied the situation, and understood some of the root causes of the problem apart from the ongoing reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Apapa- Mile 2 , Tin Can , Oshodi Expressway , he thus moved swiftly to address them.

The development made him to quickly stopped the habit of stripping of containers on the access road by importers- that is unstuffing of goods or cars from containers on trucks on the road , thus obstructing the free flow of traffic.

Having realized the negative effect which stripping of containers was having on other trucks , gaining access or exiting the port , he ordered the Police and the NPA security personnel to ensure that such practice was no longer allowed on the access road.

Beyond this, the Port Manager has also ensured that he is always in close contact with the personnel of the ITEC , the construction firm repairing the access road , when they have palliative work to do .

The Port Manager is said to always visit the site on the access road to inspect the work they are doing and to ensure that the process does not create any obstruction to free movement of vehicles to and from the Port.

It was gathered that, the fact that the Port Manager has also been ensuring that the ongoing reconstruction work on the Expressway does not lead to the blockage of the access road leading to the Port, while trucks have always been been barred from blocking such access , has also assisted in creating room for vehicular traffic to and from the port.

A very dependable source, said though the electronic call up system is still being partially operated at the Port, but pointed out that, the attention that is being given it by the Port Manager, has made it possible for ease of vehicular traffic into and from the Port.