Singaporean Cargo Vessel Loses 40 Containers in Rough Seas
A massive Singaporean cargo ship has lost about 40 containers, with others hanging precariously over her side, due to rough sea conditions off Australia’s east coast. The vessel, APL England  hit the seas on Sunday morning about 73km south-east of Sydney on its journey from China to Melbourne The... Read more
Ship Detained for Breaching IMO Carriage Ban
Australian authorities have detained a bulker identified as African Heron for carrying high sulfur fuel oil.   “The vessel was found to have non-compliant fuel oil on board with sulphur content above 0.5%. This is not permitted under the carriage ban on non-compliant fuel in Annex VI of MARPOL... Read more
‘’Empty Containers Piling Up in Shanghai’’
Empty containers are piling up in Shanghai, the world’s biggest Port, according to the data from xChange, a Germany-based startup focusing on the repositioning of containers.   “The Container Availability Index shows relatively high values for 40 High Cube containers (0.58), 40 Dry Cargo containers (0.46) and 20 Dry... Read more
Pirates Attends to Sick Kidnapped Seafarer, Fail to Safe Him
A kidnapped seafarer of the oil tanker MV Duke was provided with medical help by pirates but they did not manage to save him, V.Ships Management (India) has revealed.   During the attack and subsequent sea passage, the crew member became very ill and, despite receiving medical assistance, died... Read more
World’s 1st Ammonia-Powered Fuel Cell to Be Installed on  Vessel
A consortium co-ordinated by the Norwegian cluster organization, NCE Maritime CleanTech which wants to install an ammonia-powered fuel cell on a vessel, has won EUR 10 million funding from the European Union.   The project will see an offshore vessel, Viking Energy, which is owned and operated by Norwegian... Read more
Master Convicted, Fined $2,000 for Failing to Report Engine Failure
The master of a tanker has been convicted after failing to report without delay a main engine breakdown off Queensland, Australia that affected the safety, operation and seaworthiness of his ship, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said.   As informed, the master has been fined AUD 3,000 (about... Read more
What US-China Deal Means for Tanker Shipping
Under the ‘phase one’ trade deal signed last week, China has pledged to increase imports of American goods, targeting to bolster its energy imports by USD 52.4 billion above 2017 levels over the next two years.   The deal has been welcomed across the supply chain as a positive... Read more
Ecuadorian Navy Finds Cocaine Aboard Containership
Ecuadorian authorities have discovered eighty-eight parcels of cocaine on board a containership in Puerto Bolivar. As informed, the shipment was hidden in four black suitcases in a container aboard the 2,546 TEU Sealand Los Angeles. The Liberia-flagged ship arrived to Puerto Bolivar from Guayaquil and was en route to... Read more
Norway: Wreck of Grounded Cargo Ship Cut Up and Removed
The wreck of the general cargo vessel M/S Osfjord, that grounded over a year ago off Norway, has been removed, according to Norwegian offshore supply vessel owner BOA Offshore.   The ship ran aground in Linesoya waters, north of Trondheim, Norway, in the morning hours of September 22, 2018.... Read more
UN Says Migrants Population Is Growing Faster Than World Population
 The United Nations has said in a report that the  number of international migrants in the world currently 3.5 per cent of people on Earth is now increasing at a faster pace than the entire population of the planet. The official UN tally of migrants now 272 million includes... Read more