Ukraine Temporarily Bans Ballast Water Analyzing in Ports


FLAG OF UKRAINEUkraine has changed the ballast water regulations in its ports as it cancelled the control of segregated ballast, according to marine insurance provider Gard.


Namely, ecological inspectors are no longer permitted to inspect vessels for the purpose of ecological control, including taking and analyzing samples of ballast water, Gard cited a resolution from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 27, 2019.


Prior to these rules, when visible traces of pollution were noticed during de-ballasting, ecologists were permitted to sample and analyse ship’s ballast water and compare results with the limits of polluted materials concentration.


The resolution states that the mentioned cancellation is not permanent, but will remain in force until new protocols for sampling and testing of ballast water have been adopted. Until such time, ecologists are prohibited from sampling and/or testing vessel’s ballast water.


Gard’s local correspondents, Legat Odessa LLC, said that it is likely the ecologists will continue to inspect the ballast systems, log books and ballast water exchange logs, to look for evidence of documentary non-compliance. Furthermore, the ecologists may also look at evidence in the form of visible pollution due to improper cleaning of the vessel’s grey water