Railways Set to Resume Operations on Bombed Abuja Kaduna Rail line


Operation  is set to resume on the   Abuja-Kaduna Train Service line, that was bombed by terrorists on March 28, 2022 in Kaduna sequel to the reconnection of the line by the  Nigeria Railway Corporation(NRC)  .


The NRC  stated  in a Statement it  released in  Abuja yesterday   that major track work on the rail line had been completed and  that  service   would soon resume on the line.


The Railways said  that in its   concerted efforts at restoring the AKTS tracks corridor for resumption of service soonest,   the major track components (concrete sleepers and rails) have been completely laid, while the   south end of the tracks , which was destroyed by the explosion has been successfully joined with the north end.


 NRC disclosed  that track access between Abuja and Kaduna is now restored, while the  technical team continues with other track stabilisation works including ballasting, temping, fastening of accessories (clips, bolts and nuts) and welding.


It said   that Loco 2502 which was involved in the accident (though not damaged) and trapped at the Rigasa end due to lack of route access had now crossed to the Idu end and taken to the workshop for proper examination and routine maintenance.


The Railways pointed out that  the Abuja – Kaduna Train will resume with  additional security measures , adding that passengers will however  be required to provide their NIN registration for verification prior to purchasing train tickets for purpose of  improving passenger profiling and safety onboard.