Why I Stepped Down as ANLCA Board of Trustees Member- Prince Oyeniyi

New Patron, Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA).


  • Explains Genesis of ANLCA 

By Shola Fadeyi

The new  Patron of a re-united Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents(ANLCA)  , after the coming together of the erstwhile two factions of the Associations ,Prince Taiye Oyeniyi, has explained why he made the  sacrifice of   stepping  down as a member of the Registered  Board of Trustees (BOT) ,led by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha , thus paving way  for the end of the five years leadership crisis in the Association.

This is even as he has shed light on  how the ANLCA was formed some decades ago, spoke about  the growth of the  Association over the years and the plan of the members to ensure that the body reclaims its place in the freight forwarding and maritime  sector and begins to add value to the industry and the economy again.

Oyeniyi , in a telephone  interview with the Marine and Economy Online, said that he decided to make the sacrifice of stepping down as a member of the Registered BOT  to give room for it  to come into an agreement  with the  other faction of the Association, led by Dr Taiwo Afolabi , which  eventually led to the end of the leadership crisis in ANLCA.

He said that when it became clear at a meeting called by the Chairman of the Council for the Registered Freight Forwarders of Nigeria (CRFFN) Abubakar Tsanni ,  to broker a truce between the two factions ,    that four of the five members BOT of the Alhaji Mustapha’s faction, were required to join another four from the other faction , he had to opt to step down, as the eldest and the most experienced member a to pave way for peace.

Oyeniyi , a revered Customs Broker and a foundation member of ANLCA stated that he needed to make the sacrifice  to ensure that ANLCA finds its feet again , rise and develop, and take up its rightful position in the freight forwarding and maritime sector of the economy, which he said ,mushroom associations seemed to have taken up.

He disclosed that he realized that a lot of resources have been wasted on the crisis , without any gains on both sides , with  over N50million  frittered on litigations  and other sources , while the Association has degenerated into a laughing stock among stakeholders in the maritime sector , even as its members   were suffering from good representation.

The Patron said  in the over five years of the leadership crisis in the Association, its fortunes had dwindled , while it became a laughing stock in government circles and  among stakeholders such as the Nigerian Customs Service(NCS) , Nigerian Ports Authority(NPA), Shippers’ Council(NSC), among others, adding that the need to address these anomalies and make the ANLCA strong again , made him to take the initiative.

On how ANLCA came to being , Oyeniyi said   four great men , including himself started ANLCA ,from the scratch, with  the registration of the  first name of the Association was as  an  Enterprises , while  Lucky Amiwero   with one Mr Osifalujo, who is now late  went  to collect the certificate at No 1, Olowogbowo in Lagos.

He stated that ANLCA was registered at that time by Segun Fagbolu and Associates, one of his tenants company, while the Association was formed in line with the provisions of  the Company and Allied Matters Act(CAMA) , which made it possible to  later change the Association’s name to the current one.

According to him, ‘’ the two factions  of  ANLCA were engaged in  the crisis for over five years , during which   the Association was not able to protect the interests of it members , the purpose  for which it exists. In fact the fortunes of the Association and those of its members have declined greatly, while the maritime sector to which we are suppose to be adding value has also gone down.ANLCA has lost its past glory due to the crisis’’.

Oyeniyi stated that the  crisis lingered  because there is no culture of upholding the rule of law in Nigeria, adding that if you  are honest, you cannot thrive, but  only liars make progress in this country.

The respected customs broker  said having  gone through crisis in the past years, the Association has been going down instead of moving up, adding that   he made the sacrifice to step down, when he  sat down and ruminated over  the fate of ANLCA, how people have   made sacrifice to build the Association and how the crisis has retarded the Association’s growth.

‘’So, when I looked at all our efforts then, to grow the Association to an enviable stage it got to, before the beginning of the crisis , which has affected the fortunes of the body and when I considered all the money that has been wasted on litigations and other issues , which is over N 50 million ,I told myself  I needed to  allow the association resume its contributions to the development of the freight forwarding and maritime sector.

‘’I know that after the second world war, countries had to still seat on a round table to discuss peace and  end the war, then I  wondered why ANLCA cannot do the same particularly when nothing has been gained from the crisis.So when the Chairman of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria(CRFFN) , Alhaji TSanni , waded into the crisis and called a meeting of representatives of both groups , I felt  i needed to step down’’, he said.

Oyeniyi said he also  took the decision to forestall a situation , where Government had to take over the Association like it did to the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria(PMAN) years ago, due to the body’s prolonged crisis, adding that the issue that led to the division of ANLCA to two bodies , was almost getting unresolved and calling for such take over.

I felt if the Association is given the ‘PMAN treatment’, , then all that one and the others have labored for, will just be in vain.I  thank God that by sacrificing to bring ANLCA  back, the Association , which I believe was not dead but on recess, would be great again and take back its rightful position in the maritime sector.

According to him, the  quest is to return the Association to the glory witnessed during the administrations of  its past Presidents, namely, Alhaji Sani Kamba, Inua Muhammed, Sir Peter Eloka Okocha  , and particularly Prince Olayiwola Shittu, during which members traveled to over seven countries for knowledge acquisition .

‘’So during the meeting brokered by CRFFN Chairman, when it came to the issue of give and take between the two  warring  factions of the Association, I had to opt to step down out of the five Board  members of the Registered BOT  so that it can donate four BOT members to a united Board of the ANLCA , particularly when the other faction, has also agreed to donate four members to make eight BOT members of a re-united ANLCA.

Oyeniyi said he has to  do that as the eldest and the most experienced of all the BOT members  and to make ANLCA great again, expressing appreciation  for the rightful  position of the Patron of a united ANLCA that was bestowed on him  based on  his  experience, age and as a man who has seen it all in the association .

He explained his role as  Patron of ANLCA as an  enormous one  , which entails that there should be   peace and tranquility in the association , his giving  quality advice on how the Association  can quickly return to the path of growth and  correcting  any member who is derailing , saying that he also has  a part to play at ensuring that the Oodua Maritime Congress and the Oodua Logistics come back to life , now that there is now a united ANLCA.