Comptroller Oloyede’s Footprints at Tin Can Command In 18 Months

Outgoing CAC, Tin Can Command, Comptroller Olakunle Oloyede.


By Shola Fadeyi

It is no longer news, that  Comptroller  Olakunle Oloyede who has been the Controller of the Tin Can Command of the Nigerian Customs Service(NCS) since the last 18 months or thereabouts, was one of  those  redeployed recently, by the Comptroller General, Bashir Wale Adeniyi, MFR, as part of the  ongoing  measures  to enhance the fulfillment of the Service’s mandates.


 However , what  is really the news, particularly to the uninformed, is the very enviable legacy  , in terms of   positive impact, he left behind  ,  which  will continue to rub off positively  on the operations of the  Command.


Suffice to say, that the redeployment, is a form of change  of positions , and in adherence to an aphorism , ‘only change is permanent’  while,  for Oloyede , who has been moved to  Imports and Exports  at  the Headquarters of the Service, in Abuja  , it is indeed another phase of the  recognition of his capability and competence   to re-engineer and turn things around in his new seat.


This is against the     backdrop of the strings of achievements, he recorded during its  stint as the Controller of the Tin Can Command, and the diversification  and backward integration programme of the Federal Government, particularly from dependence on  Oil to reliance on export.


In other words, Oloyede not only possesses the capacity to churn out innovative policies to  boost export on his new seat , but also the  wherewithal, to enunciate measures to ensure that the  requisite revenue is collected for government from the available Imports.


However, notable area where Oloyede distinguished himself as an information computer  technology  (ICT)  expert is in the area of excellently pioneering the VIN Valuation policy at the Tin Can Command , thus computerizing and  standardizing the duty to be paid on each   used vehicle,  regardless of the year of make.

Beyond this, other areas where Comptroller Oloyede  made positive  impact ,include, revenue generation, even with the downturn in the volume of import , which,  characterized  most part of his stay in the Command ,and anti- smuggling,   exemplified by the land mark seizures he made .

Trade Facilitation

Most importantly, Oloyede also left a legacy of spartan implementation of the Federal Government fiscal policies, improvement in the Ease of Doing Business Policy(EODB), as well as that of the facilitation of legitimate  trade .

This is because  it takes not more than 48 hours to now secure delivery  of goods from the Tin Can Command , once  the importer complies in the area of payment of the requisite duty on goods.

Discipline / Simplicity

Beyond this, Oloyede also bequeathed a culture of collaboration, synergy and cooperation with relevant security and other agencies , thus utilising the opportunity to enhance the performance of the Command , while he also left a tradition  of discipline , simplicity , commitment to duty ,  promptness at work and open – door policy.

Increase In Exports Value

The capacity  of the Comptroller in the area of adding value to the handling of exports , was demonstrated at the   Command as he was able   to increase  the Free on Board (FOB) of Exports, it handled in 2022,  by 34.4 per cent to  $589,696,648 or N242,365,322 333.00.This is, as against , $496,075,796  or N141,985,109,159.00 ,it recorded in 2021.


Thus , due to some effective reforms he undertook, since he took the reins of office at the Tin Can   Command  , Oloyede was able to ensure that the Command was  able to generate its  highest revenue  of   N574,290,210,599.38  in 2022  , as compared to N493,682,369,264.35,  in  2021.

Also  in the first half of  2023, the Command recorded  N260,256,942,120.69  ,  a difference of N14,063,773,058.09 ,compared to N274,320,715,178.78, in the same period  of 2022. The next Controller would be challenged by this feat , achieved despite the sharp reduction in the volume of imports in recent times.

Anti- smuggling

Oloyede , undoubtedly left a robust tradition of anti -smuggling at the Command from which the newly deployed Controller , should  take a cue. This is because his  drive   yielded remarkable successes in the first half of 2023 as a total of 1,442 Packets of Colorado Indica with a combined weight of 519.45kg  and a street value of N721 million together with the   means of conveyance  and 2 suspects, were handed over to NDLEA ,in strict compliance, with the Service Headquarters’ directive.


To lend credence to the fact that the Controller bequeathed a culture of  safeguarding the lives and health of the citizenry , through seizures  ,the goods impounded  comprised   763 pkgs of Colarado (Cannabis Sativa) weighing 345.1kg, with a street market value of  N714,600,000.00, as  given by the National  Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Others, are  ,2,594 pieces of ammunition and 20 pieces of  Arms comprising 1 Pistol with 611090 (S/W) model JCP 40mm, 1 used Co2 Air Pistol with accessories cal 117(4.5m)BM, 1 Marksman repeater pistol, 6 Mace pepper and 10 suspected arms of various types as well as  206,000 pieces of finished machetes.

The Command also  made  38  seizures of N1,846,372,083.50 in Duty Paid Value (DPV)  as compared to   27  in 2021,  with a DPV of  N607,267,617.00 , achieving  a rise  of   N1,239,104,466.50 in DPV.

In spite of the fact that  vehicle importation  reduced more drastically, by the beginning of 2023  , due to  the high exchange rate of the dollar ,used in importing goods and calculating import duty ,the cash crunch  and  the economic downturn, among other factors, Oloyede still ensured that the Command performed creditably so far this year..

Bursting of Syndicates

A Certified Risk Manager by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and a non conformist , when it comes to adequate revenue generation   , the fact that  he had to utilize its competence to  burst  efforts by fraudulent  importers and agents to cheat government of its revenue as well as well as block loopholes in revenue generation defined the achievement , the Command recorded in revenue generation.


Thus  the positive impact , which Oloyede made at the Tin Can Command as the Controller informed the various commendations he has received from stakeholders ranging from importers , customs agents, shipping companies , terminal operators and others , who have had course to interact with him ,when he was in the saddle.


Thus , considering the value , which Comptroller Oloyede added to the  operations  of the Tin Can Command   , despite the challenges , it is certain  that he will also use his experience and capability to bring about a turn- around in the fortunes of the import and Export , at the Customs Headquarters.